Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer 2016: Chaos Reigns

So much has been said about how 2016 sucks. Deaths of icons. An election that seems to be taken from some parody within an apocalypse within a farce of a nightmare. A climate that is rightfully trying to kill us all with fire, if we don't all just shoot each other first. Race not "still" being an issue, because that's not surprising, but what seems to be an escalation in willful denial about inequality has ignited some truly insane shit. Anyway, the world is on fire figuratively and almost literally. I swear I felt the sun laugh flames in my face the other day as I stepped outside.

I see so many ridiculous arguments on every side of issues with very few people being consistent about a damn thing. I'm constantly amazed about how much people are willing to give up to systems that are clearly broken just because that's "the way it is." The idea that change is incremental is something only people that benefit from the status quo can say with a straight face, as if that was somehow ok. People looking to change things are called naive by those supporting candidates simply because they pledge the right mascot. Everyone is offended but somehow calling out actual offenses is also offensive. It's mind-boggling.  But anyway, about music. . .

I've been listening to a lot of Nick Cave this summer and it's been the perfect voice for all of this. We've partied like it was 1999, but no big time apocalypse came. Instead, it's been a descending spiral for several decades. Cave's narratives are the soundtrack of our elongated doom. But, of course, there's other songs, other voices. Hence my playlist, Summer 2016: Chaos Reigns. Metallica released a song that is not only a great reminder of why they were my band back in the 80s, but is one of the most timely things I've ever heard. And of course, Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows" plays in my head every time I'm reminded how shitty the world can be. It's not all doom and gloom, though.  Deap Vally's "Smile More" is an anthem for every woman who's ever been, well, a woman in a supposed man's world, but also for anybody who's ever been outside the norm or just generally feels like they should be left the fuck alone. (Hint: leave everyone the fuck alone). The point is, there's a sense of rebellion here and maybe even hope as well. But, always, unfortunately, for most of us, struggle. Still, at least we're not alone, even if we don't always realize it.

Anyway, listen and think and hopefully enjoy. And I'll try to post more often again, if anyone cares. 

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