Friday, July 29, 2016


It's been some time since I wrote anything and today's a good day for a comeback. Back in the year 2000 (the distant future) a marriage happened. My marriage. Our marriage. I think we decided to do it that year so it would be easy to count how many years were married every time our anniversary came up. We're practical that way. So, thanks to foresight and easy math, I know today it's been 16 years, and as such, I was planning a playlist or a song about being 16. It's a running gag (I'm probably the only one aware of it) I started when we hit 13 years where I refer to our marriage as a teenager. Thing is, as I was searching today for an appropriate song it really became clear that just about all songs about 16 year olds are pretty fucking creepy when you really listen to them. The worst one I heard was Neil Sedaka's "Happy Birthday Sweet 16."

"Tonight's the night I've waited for, because you're not a baby anymore," seems innocent enough (not really) until you realize he never makes mention of how old he is or who he is to this girl who he clearly saw grow up. There's never any indication that they grew up together, mind you. Just that he's been waiting, patiently, for this day since she was 6. So, yeah, fuck this. Never mind the gag, I'm actually gagging. I'm disturbed. Tralala indeed, you sick fuck.

Anyway, I guess that leads to this song, with a hard right turn. We've been growing old together for all these years and we'll continue to add years, gray hairs, laughs, tears and all that shit (romance). Life is hard as fuck, but at the end of the day, having someone who knows that and sees you for who you really are, when most people don't, it's all worth it. So, there you go. I love you. 

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