Thursday, April 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Perfect Songs - Atomic

This was originally posted on my tumblr on July 16, 2012. I think it was the first ever Perfect Song I wrote about.

Blondie Atomic Perfect Song

Perfect Songs - Atomic

1980. Disco is turning into New Wave. The clubs are full. The hairspray is thick. The lip stick is bright, glossy red. The coke is practically falling from the sky. Each night could be the start of something great or the beginning of the end. The narcissism of the 70s is turning into the nihilism of the 80s. And the soundtrack to all of this, in my mind, is Blondie’s Atomic.

Fast forward through the 80s into the 90s and beyond and that same feeling of abandon on the dance floor, under the influence of whatever drink or drug, trying to be seen, trying to hook up, trying to escape, remains. It’s all counterbalanced by something else in the background though: the knowledge that this can’t and won’t last for ever. Your hair is beautiful. Tonight. Tomorrow, maybe not so much. Atomic. It will all blow up, soon. But, tonight, make it magnificent.
No other song captures these feelings, these moments, like Atomic. The driving beat, the bass line, the synths, and that guitar. And egging you on is Debbie Harry’s sexy voice. It’s Disco, but it’s New Wave and maybe even Surf or Punk. It doesn’t matter. It’s glorious, horny, sad, fabulous and more. It’s fucking Atomic. It’s a perfect song.

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