Saturday, April 25, 2015

2015 Week 16: Ripped Jeans Type Shit

Shayera: Year One
It'll be six years on Sunday. 72 months of lives that are drastically different from what they were before that day. For 312 weeks now, it's been a roller coaster of joy, frustration, punishment and reward for all of us involved. It's been 2,190 days and I can't and don't want to imagine life any differently anymore, even if I feel like I've aged at least 12 years in the time it's taken my first born to become the smart-ass, funny, intelligent, dramatic, stubborn, loving, sensitive, inquisitive, imaginative and surreal 6 year old teenager she has become. There's a race going on on my head between bald and gray and she's cheering both on with her little sister holding the checkered flag.

On the way to her first real concert.
A few months back, she came home telling us she had been learning about the differences between real and imaginary animals. So I decided to engage her in this by asking which is real Mickey Mouse or a unicorn. She immediately said unicorn. I tried again. A dragon or Donald Duck. When she answered dragon this time, it was clear to me that she knew what I was getting at, but decided that I wasn't going to dictate the rules here. I presented a few more choices like this, where one was completely invented animal and the other was a fantasy character that happened to be a real animal. In every case, she chose the completely made up animal as being more real and what's more, she had her own logical reasons for doing so. And with each one, I noticed the smirk more, like looking in a stubborn mirror. "Jesus Christ, there's two of you!" was all my wife had to say. I can't wait to have these arguments over music! My wife just had a birthday, too and Shayera had several suggestions for what to get her. Among them, "a new chicken recipe, because I don't like her chicken." So yeah, I really do have a clone. Maybe two.

Anyway, completely unrelated is this week's playlist, an ode to not giving a fuck. It's quite simple, really, just a bunch of ripped jeans type shit, which is exactly what I'm gonna call it and that's that. Enjoy.

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