Friday, December 19, 2014

My 2014 Spotify Breakdown

My time on Spotify 2014
It's been an interesting year in music for me. There were several great shows and tons of new music. I was invited and have been contributing to a site other than my own where people are actually reading my shit. I only wish I had more time to be able to contribute more. In the past 2 and a half months, I've had 19 articles published at FDRMX with about 160k views so far, which I'm sure is not really a big deal in internet numbers, but it seems like it to me. Shit, if even half of that is people actually reading my words, that's a huge boost.

Everyone knows how much I love Spotify. My year in music on there is interesting because apparently, Zoey hijacked some of my top 5 breakdowns, but none the less, the rest is pretty accurate.

I've been working through the Tom Waits discography much slower than I thought I would, but his position on the list is proof I'm taking this shit seriously. Right now, I'm on an Elvis Costello kick since I just got a ticket to see him in March on his Solo tour. I've always liked him more or less, but have never gone deep into his catalog. I've been meaning to for a a long time, though. This is the moment. It's no surprise seeing The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys or Zeppelin on my list either. But I gotta wonder what number 6 was. My guess might be Brownout, but who the hell knows. I wish this gave me the option to see a top 10. Then there's albums and it looks like Zoey wasn't the only to hijack the top 5 since Frozen is in the middle of it, as it was in the middle of everything this year. Nothing against it, but damn. Can't complain too much about a 5 year old who is into Hozier,though, can you?

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