Monday, December 19, 2016

Best Albums of 2016 - Number 5


Anything you look up online about Mother Feather will include some version of the word bombast. There's a reason for that - because it's true. And it's bombast that hits you from several different angles. Whether you're thinking punk, glam, disco, metal(?), it's in here, in an explosive way. They call it pop cock rock and it's probably the most accurate description. Mother Feather is fronted by Ann Courtney and Elizabeth Carena, two women who are unafraid of any fucking thing and just want to party. So, yeah, cock rock it is, and their self titled debut album has huge balls to match.

This is the funnest album I heard all year. Yes, there's a sense of empowerment to it, but it's also mainly about getting your kicks. It's down and dirty rock n roll with a serious groove to it and more than a little tongue in everyone's cheeks. Honestly, saying too much about this album would be counter to why I loved it. I could just put it on, start to finish, and have a good time without worrying about why. Sometimes, that's more than enough and it's actually not that common to find good music that accomplishes that. But take a listen to songs like "Natural Disaster," "Trampoline" and "The Power," which had one of my favorite lyrics of the year in "Are you the man for the mission? Do you smack the skin like a love sick Wiccan?"

Just yesterday, I was listening to this and Shayera says "Mother Feather? Like Mother F-Word?" which is actually correct. That is how they got their name and it's pretty impressive my 7 year old got it immediately. She may not be old enough to get some of the lyrics (I hope), but still. So, yeah, just listen to it. Forget your troubles. And bounce. Like the song ("Trampoline") says, "you'll hit heaven when you bounce on me." Yeah.

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