Friday, August 7, 2015

2015 Week 31: Make it Funky

do the right thing
Me, but inside my house.

There's no AC in my house right now. You'd think that would make me hot and a little irritable, but FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE, OF COURSE IT DOES! FUUUUUCK! Seriously, I'm like John Candy in JFK, covered in a permanent layer of sweat. Except I'm also on edge. And while it sucks that this is happening in the summer, it's Florida, so there is literally no good time for this to happen. It would be no different in December.

So, this week's Spotify playlist is hopefully some kind of funky antidote to that. Take a little funky trip, hosted by one James Brown. Play it in the car. Play it in the shower. Play it while you clean. Play it while you sweat. But, make it funky. That's all I got. I might pass out.

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