Monday, June 29, 2015

One Hundred

100 posts in 4 years
Whatever, Jean Luc, I was busy!
I started this thing back in 2011. I've gone through periods of not posting too often, then in 2012, decided to move it all to Tumblr. That lasted 2 years and since the return, I've sort of rededicated myself to this thing, this writing thing. I've written semi-professionally for FDRMX (now called MusicSnake), an opportunity that came up because of this thing. I've relaunched, renamed and repurposed my old comic blog into a more general blog focusing on movies, TV, books, and whatever doesn't fit here. I've guested over at Cinesthesia. I started a proper Sound Affects Facebook page, go follow it. And overall, I've tried to be more consistent because it's the only way I'll develop. A weird thing to be doing at 42, but whatever.

So this is the 100th post on this blog, counting some flashback posts that I brought over from the Tumblr years.  I'm counting it.  I don't really have anything more meaningful to say about it that I haven't already covered in one post or another in a more specific way. But Carlos recently posted something that hits on a lot of what I try to get into and also happens to cover some of our journeys. Check it out.

For now, here's a Spotify playlist of most of the songs I've featured as Perfect Songs and maybe a couple I didn't specifically feature as perfect, but otherwise wrote about. That's all I got for now. Come back for post 101 and beyond.

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