Friday, May 29, 2015

2015 Week 21: Furiosa's Roadmix

mad max fury road furiosa
She's gonna need some tunes to go with this much badass.
Not much to talk about except this week's Spotify playlist. It started happening, just by chance, as I was adding songs this week that struck me, that they almost all featured badass female singers and heavy songs. So, since I'm still thinking about how great Mad Max: Fury Road was, I decided to go with it and did some editing and adding to turn it into Furiosa's Roadmix. There are a couple of obvious but necessary tracks on here, but mostly I stuck with the original random songs I was adding. Honestly, I could do many volumes of this one. Something about rock, like real badass, not giving a fuck type rock, has an extra punch when it's a coming from a woman. Something something patriarchy. I don't know. Look, just listen to this thing while you're driving or just feeling like a badass or feeling like you need to feel like a badass, woman, man, whatever. But mostly, when you're driving. Do it. That is all.

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