Saturday, April 4, 2015

2015 Week 13: Rock n Roll Radiowaves

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This could be me.

"Add this song to my playlist" is usually something I like to hear from Shayera when we're in the car and something comes on my Spotify that catches her attention. I don't even hesitate and add it. But I really have to start being a little more careful. One morning this week, on the way to school, she said those words, I added it, and within seconds realized I'd made a big mistake. I later removed it from her "Shay Mix," which by the way she never listens to anyway (fuck you, Kids Bop), but still. Anyway, let's hope she forgets the title. Listen for yourself and wait for the break near the end for the best part.

Anyway, last night, I went to see Alien Ant Farm with Carlos. We thought it was their gig, but it turns out they were the openers for (HED)Pe, who we didn't really care about. As a matter of fact, because we thought it was their show, we wound up missing the first song. But it was still a cool show. I was never really into them, but they're a good band. Like true aging hipsters, we left after their set because we're hip and old and tired. While we wait for Carlos to post a review of the show over at FDRMX, check out the song you likely know them for.

This week's playlist is pretty simple really. It could have been filled with more familiar tunes, but these just came up during the week, and it just made sense to organize it this way. And what's the point of filling these lists with familiar tunes anyway. No real narrative theme, but it's the kind of set I might play if I were a DJ on Little Steven's Underground Garage or something like that. Just pretty straightforward rock n roll, kinda jumping around a few different eras and sub-genres, but still basic stuff you might play in your basement or garage. So, I give you Rock n Roll Radiowaves. 

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