Thursday, January 7, 2016

Perfect Songs - Balbettando

i cinque monelli

There's nothing like crazy, groovy 60s garage type rock with surf guitars, organs and a driving beat. Add in some Italian vocals and wacko laughing and you have what can only be described as demented circus rock and perfect. It's a song called "Balbettando" by I Cinque Monelli and you've probably never heard of it.

I think I first heard this about 10 years ago or so and was instantly in love. Batshit Italians that I can't understand just laughing at me like some psychedelic nightmare. It turns out Balbettando means stuttering which boggles my mind as to what they are singing about. But it doesn't matter. This fun rocker ends in psyche insanity where you can just picture the laughing faces spinning around you. They may be laughing with you or at you, or maybe they're just high as fuck and not laughing at anything in particular. You just happened to stumble onto this trippy circle of madness and although you are a little creeped out by it, you're still glad you did. Perfection. A BALBETTARE! A BALBETTARE!!! 

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