Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Al Bundy vs. Calamity Jane

Don't you hate it when you hear a song and you're sure you've heard it before? Maybe it reminds you of another song and now this new one is like a vague itch that you can't scratch. Or you're convinced it's a cover, even if you can't remember the original. And then if you ask anybody, they usually say "Oh, yeah, that's" and then get it completely wrong with something that sounds nothing like the song you're talking about. Over the years, I've learned not to bother to ask anybody when this happens because I'll just wind up like Al Bundy.

Just recently I've been listening to "What" by Broncho and it was bothering me. I knew it was going for that 70s glam sound. It could be Bowie or a bunch of other people. But then it dawned on me that it was actually Lou Reed's "Vicious." They sound great back to back, so do it.

But still, I come across stuff that just stumps me and drives me to insane Google searches that end in frustration. Just yesterday, I heard this song "Calamity Jane" by Carmelia Jordana, instantly fell in love with it and felt like I knew it was a cover. I keep thinking it's something from the late 60s or early 70s, though nothing comes up when I look. Not a damn thing. But I know I've heard that melody before and specifically that chorus. Have I heard this actual song before and forgot? That doesn't seem possible. I think I would remember. Did I dream it? Anyway, if anyone has any ideas, here it is.

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