Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ghost at the Fillmore Miami

ghost live

I like raw, intimate shows, but sometimes, when the theatrics are done right, it can be a lot of fun. Ghost is exactly the right balance for me. The whole show is better experienced than read about, so I'm keeping this light. This is a band that somehow manages to maintain mystique in the era of social media, Nobody knows who they are or what they really look like. Think early Kiss, but more so. They don't even use their names. It's just Papa Emeritus III and the Nameless Ghouls. So why mess with that? And that's not to say the music isn't fucking great, because it absolutely is. I think maybe in part because they are all checking their egos at the door by choosing anonymity. Hail Satan.

666 dollars
One thing that stood out, in terms of theatrics, that I want to mention, is how much attention to detail this band puts into their shows. After the opener, Marissa Nadler, left the stage and basic changes were made, the music over the PA changed from 70s and 80s hard rock to what I would call a choral suite (I'm not that well versed in classical and I'm ok with that, so fuck you, hypothetical snob reading this). As the music was playing, 3 men in all black suits came out, bowed at each other and the audience, solemnly and ceremoniously removed the tarps from over Ghost's set and instruments, bowed again, and left the stage. A few minutes later, one more guy came out, did the same ritualistic bow, then proceeded to test the drum kit. So, even the stage set up and roadies are part of setting the atmosphere of being in a church. A Church of Satan (Satan, satan)!!!

Anyway, here's a video of the opening song, "Square Hammer" that Carlos shot on his shitty iPhone for you to be frustrated by. Actually, it's pretty good, so watch it on a big screen and turn it up. Then ask yourself: Are you ready to swear, right here, right now, for the devil? I am. I have. . .

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