Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 Contenders

brace yourself

The past couple of years I've put together a favorite albums of the year list. This year didn't start out very promising with a couple of albums that I was anticipating and, honestly, disappointed me. But later, little by little, there were almost too many to keep up with. In any case, in the next few weeks, I'll finalize my list, so keep an eye out. Some good things did happen this year.

As always, these are not necessarily the best critically, just my favorites. There may or may not be some overlap with the deluge of lists that will start hitting the web soon. I don't care, either way.

I pretty much have my top 5 decided. I am certain what number one will be. The rest, I'm still sorting out. I'm still going through several albums again and I may add more for consideration, so if you give a shit what I think, you might want to follow my playlist of 2016 Contenders. I have no idea when I'll even have the time to do my posts like I did last year, since I'm toying with the idea of having more than 10. But we'll see. In the mean time, listen to the playlist but go through to listen to each album represented.

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