Friday, December 11, 2015

2015 Week 49: Truly Random

If you're paying attention, you know I'm not against poppy music at all. I wind up gravitating to some arguably teeny bopper type shit at times with no apologies. Hell, you can't be a Beatles fan without doing so, really. Poppy music is a fine balancing act to get right, though. This week, I finally really listened to someone who is actually getting it right, no matter what they say (foreshadowing). You see, in an effort to get Shayera into music that she would want to play, we've been listening to what she likes and that's suddenly Taylor Swift. And you know what, there are some pretty decent songs in her catalog.

I had never really listened to her at all, so I've never been a hater, though I question some of the dubious things she's said regarding Spotify and trademarking some pretty standard phrases she used in a song. But I also know she writes all her stuff and takes charge of her career. So no matter what, I had a level of respect for her I can't have for some other pop stars of today. This week had me listening to songs like "Red," "Stay Stay Stay" and "Never Getting Back Together" (that last one is Shayera's jam, by the way) long after the music stopped playing. Apparently Red is Shayera's favorite album. I'll be getting her 1989 for Xmas (maybe even on vinyl), since that wasn't available on Amazon Prime for free. There are much worse things she could be listening to. No, fuck that, this needs no qualifier. Plus, if it encourages her to pick up the guitar, I'm all for it.

So, having said all that, here's a truly random collection of songs. I've just been mostly listening to the 3 albums left in my top 10, trying to figure out the order. I think I have it, now so stay tuned for that. It might surprise some of you. No, Taylor Swift isn't one of them. Maybe next album, though, you never know.

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