Friday, November 27, 2015

2015 Week 47: Contenders


I've spent the whole week going over some of the albums that stuck out for me this year and I'm narrowing my list down to my eventual 10 for 2015. Last year I didn't rank them, and instead just presented them in any order, because I generally hate rankings. But I might challenge myself this year and actually impose an order and pick one that is the best. But it's going to be tough. There are several that could fit the bill and at least one I hadn't actually heard all the way through until this week. In the meantime, this week's Spotify playlist will give you a little taste as it features one song from each of the top 23 contenders. The possibility of something else sneaking in at the last minute is still open, so if you feel something is missing, let me know quick and I'll give it a listen.

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