Friday, October 30, 2015

2015 Week 43: Tombstone Waits & The Rockin' Ghouls


So I guess I started a tradition last year that I'll continue. I've warmed up to the idea of Halloween somewhat so I've really embraced the concept of the Halloween playlist. I'm repeating a few songs from last year because I never did that as an actual playlist, so it's acceptable. But still, I try to stay away from the more common stuff and go more to the slightly obscure while keeping it pretty light and fun.

So this year, it's about that time Tom Waits decided to hang out at a graveyard to get inspiration for his next song. Legend has it that as he composed his song, some ears that nobody thought were listening perked up and by the time he started humming the piece a band of zombies were accompanying him on bone instruments. Soon enough, coffins full of ice and beer were there and the band was jamming hard. I can't be sure of all the songs Tombstone Waits & The Rockin' Ghouls played that night, but I think it might have gone something like this.


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