Friday, September 18, 2015

2015 Week 37: Vigilante


Getting kind of excited for a bunch of shows coming up. First up on October 15th there's Buddy Guy, who I saw once before about 10 years ago. Back then he was pretty crazy live, jumping from song to song with no warning and yet the band somehow kept up. He's basically the last real blues guy left so this is special. A couple days later, on October 17th, Raquel Sofia who I discovered through NPR's Tiny Desk and instantly loved. Her brand of loose, organic pop brings in elements of just about everything from folk, rock, salsa and jazz and beyond. Here, check her out for yourself.

Really looking forward to this one because she's not HUGE yet and it's a relatively small venue at University of Miami's Frost Theater. Stay tuned. Anyway, then in November there's Broncho, a band I came across last year and really liked. It turns out they're opening for The Growlers, who are cool too, but in true hipster fashion, I'm going for the opening act. And then in December I get to end the year the same way I began it by seeing St. Paul and The Broken Bones again! This is the one I'm most excited about since that show in January still stands out as the best of the year for me and the best ever really. Simply amazing band.

In the meantime, this week's Spotify playlist is jazzy, mysterious, dark and thrilling. It's sort of about Batman, maybe. The lonely vigilante, gloomy and heartbroken, going through his adventures in the city at night and occasionally being reminded how lonely he is. But he dusts himself off and goes back to his mission because it's the only way to forget. Forget the past. Forget the pain. Forget the love and the lack of. Gotham is a hard place for love. 

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