Friday, September 11, 2015

2015 Week 36: The Psychedelia of Dry Heaves

stomach virus

My week was kind of derailed by a stomach virus. I'll spare you the details I wish I'd been spared. Anyway, I still have little energy or desire to do anything more than just laying around scrolling through Netflix, never deciding on anything to watch. So, I guess back to normal then. So this week's playlist was just sort of thrown together haphazardly. It starts out with something I was thinking about early in the week that I can't remember anymore because it probably got flushed down the toilet with my soul and spleen. Then it gets a bit weird. It's a sonic representation of the ups and downs and mental state of this thing so it's jarring and a little psychedelic at times. I hope it's the closest you come to the psychedelia of dry heaves. It really sucked.

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