Friday, August 21, 2015

2015 Week 33: Gods and Monsters


You may not know I work at a university, but I do. Anyway, this morning I was hanging out before a meeting at one of the main campus's coffee shops and the music playing made me think I was back in my 20s, wasting time by not going to class. Has "college music" not changed? Seriously, I expected crunchy hacky sack dudes to be come in as this played:

And bland college music at that. But it made me somewhat nostalgic for that neo hippie bullshit. Whatever happened to my anorak? Whatever. 

Anyway, this week's playlist has nothing to do with that. It's all about beings of imagined power and the power of imagination. Imaginary beings who haunt our lives. I'm talking about gods and monsters, which are basically the same thing really. Both are ultimately expressions of how we fear our own mortality. This list is a bit of a journey through breaking free from the reigns of their power. Maybe. I honestly don't know, I'm just tired this week, but perhaps my exhaustion has lead to some shamanic realization. Just fucking listen.

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