Friday, July 24, 2015

2015 Week 29: Knda Badass-ish

slipknot tour
Tonight I go see Slipknot. Given my state of mind, I'm either going to be napping or moshing to my death. Either way: catharsis. If my old ass survives, stay tuned for a write up. In the meantime, here they are fully expressing my philosophy. Poetry.

This week's Spotify playlist is back to the random. I can't make much of a story out of it but there's some consistency there that I can't quite put my finger one. Really just some songs that have a bit of funk and/or rock flair to them, I guess. Some screaming. Some attitude. All coolness and swagger. A little sexy. Kinda badass-ish. Maybe you can you use this to strut into a bar and start, not a fight, but some sort of staring contest. I don't know. It sort of slows down in the end because lazy. 

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