Friday, June 12, 2015

2015 Week 23: Coping

I keep coming back to the heavy. Is this my version of a midlife crisis, getting back to the metal? The great thing is I'm not going back to stuff I use to listen to when it's about feeding my hormonal awkwardness. It's stuff that's new to me. Bands I've never heard. Sounds that are different from what I grew up with. But no matter how much I dig into other genres, like my new fado obsession, I still come back to the heavy.

So this week's Spotify playlist is nothing special, except I saw some accidental pairings in there after the fact. It's on the heavy side, as has been the trend lately for me, but has some softer moments as well. This is clearly due to stress, which I won't go into. If you know, you know. You know? In any case, let's call it Coping.

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