Friday, June 5, 2015

2015 Week 22: Manic Mood Swinging Mess

The Table Flip

There was a time I liked going to the clubs and I'd actually get drunk enough to dance. It eventually led to going to raves where the music was bit more interesting and the scene more colorful. I quickly tired of the whole thing, but for a while there, those variations of house music were pretty thrilling. It's all about the drop. And I guess today's EDM as it's called is basically the same shit. Build up, drop, manic crescendo, repeat. While I don't see how anyone can be into that for a long period of time, I get it. It's all about that moment before the drop, though. That tingling feeling, sometimes in silence, you get before the insanity ensues and the lights and substances enhance the fact that everyone in the crowd is one gyrating mass. It's a release and it's thrilling because you know it's coming like the drop on a roller coaster. But before that release, when the tension is at a level where your asshole is shut tight and the veins in your neck are about to pop, like you're about to skid off a cliff and there's nothing you can do about it and part of you just doesn't know what's next at all, it could be the end or who knows what. Imagine that for a second. Now imagine it for a whole week. That's been the week I've had and witnessed others having. So, yeah, I found a way to make that fact be about music. So, now comes the release, finally, if temporarily.

Except, this week's Spotify playlist isn't really about release or EDM. Instead it's a Manic Mood Swinging Mess about anxiety and nervous breakdowns and who the fuck knows what else. It's a bizarre collection of songs that are great on their own but here come together to at least slightly unsettle you. It's meant to keep you on your toes, never comfortable with what the next track might be. In the end, I would hope it still leads to pleasant surprises and there may even be some moments of easy transition. But in the end, it's not anything to made sense of and should make you feel somewhat restless. Like this week. Enjoy.

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