Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 Week 10: Satan's Detectives

I set up Shayera with her own Spotify account a while back so she can listen on her Kindle. We put a couple of kid friendly playlists on there for her, mostly Disney and Kids Bop stuff. But once in a while she'll ask me to put something on her playlist that she hears me playing. This has resulted in some cool additions to her list from Imelda May to The Last Shadow Puppets to Joe Bataan to Hot Chip. The latest one she asked for is a little creepy, which is concerning and great at the same time. 

I'm interrupting the usual way I put the weekly playlist together for something a little different. This is a little project I've been working on since about December, based in large part on Brownout's Brown Sabbath album, which was in my top ten albums of last year. In my write up at FDRMX, I said "It’s like the soundtrack to a 70s occult cop action movie that should be filmed immediately." So I ran with that.

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Road trips  are scary.

This is like a cross between True Detective, Starsky and Hutch, Lethal Weapon and stuff like Race With the Devil, Satan's Cheerleaders and other 70s satanic type B movies that I grew up on (I really am surprised I'm not a Batman villain based on the shit I was exposed to as a kid). It may not actually take place in the 70s, but it certainly feels like it. There's been a series of occult related murders throughout the city and our heroes, detectives Knight and Diaz* are on the case. They get sucked into a satanic cult that may or may not be responsible for the murders, but there appears to be a deeper conspiracy running through the city. In any case, loyalties come into question from all angles and our heroes plunge deeper into the cult through their undercover participation in psychedelic black masses that make them question their very purpose. Throughout, one question keeps popping up: who do they answer to? Are they on the side of good? Or have they unknowingly been working for the satanic conspiracy all along. Are they Satan's Detectives?

true detective, satan, movies, music, soundtracks
These guys would love this movie.

Anyway, just go listen to it, there are some cool trippy, satanic type songs on here with a psychedelic vibe throughout as well as some funky wah wah shit (Some Funky Wah Wah Shit could also be the new album by my band Satan's Detectives, inspired by the movie). See if you can tell when the creepy dark rooms in abandoned buildings are being searched and when the chases happen. There's also a witchy woman who seduces the detectives at one point. And, even though this movie must end on a dark note, I already feel a sequel of some sort is in the works. Overall, I tried to stay away from really obvious or heavy tracks except for the Sabbath stuff, but since they're covers, it doesn't count.

*I'll have to ponder the casting, but I do have some ideas. Maybe I'll get into it in a future post.

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