Friday, February 13, 2015

2015 Week 6: A Spy in the House of Love

spy in the house of love, 50 shades of grey
Several Shades of Purple.

So I haven't been posting over at FDRMX as much lately due to time, but I did review the new Alabama Shakes single this week, so go check it out. It also shows up on this week's playlist so be sure to do that too.

This week some movie came out for Valentine's day, based on some novel, erotic in nature, that many ladies are into. Hey, good for them. I've read many criticisms of it and the book and the few passages I've seen excerpted are pretty badly written, but whatever, that's porn, right? But, just in case, I should remind everyone that's a fan of that book to look up Anais Nin. Interestingly enough, the playlist I created this week is named for one of her books.This happened completely by accident, but I'll go with it. See, that movie I mentioned has been getting some attention for it's soundtrack as well. This is different, but still. Go check it out.

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