Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Week 5: Walking it Off in the Moonlight

nightmare before Christmas, tom waits
It all comes together.

Earlier this week I posted my latest Tom Waits review over at FDRMX for Swordfishtrombones. Great album. A lot of it made me think of some old school animations in a lot of ways and it's not the first time. I have to just assume Waits was a huge influence on Tim Burton and Danny Elfman when they put A Nightmare Before Christmas together. His songs have been used in a few animated films, like Robots, which used "Underground." Sure, it wasn't a great movie, but still.

And speaking of soundtracks, I recently said on here that the Game of Thrones theme was probably my favorite theme of the moment. I found this cool cover the other day.

So there's this couple. They have a fight one night, maybe about imagined infidelities or about one not doing what the other expected. It ultimately boils down to trust, which is what all couples arguments are really ever about if you think about it. It gets heated and one of them storms out because they just can't, but they bring their music device of choice and some headphones and as they walk, alone under the moonlight, through the tree lined neighborhood where they live, they listen. And as they listen, the emotions churn. Anger builds to rage. Disappoint and betrayal pop up and sometimes it's self directed as blame shifts back and forth Still, they feel betrayed or guilty or both. Maybe there's self pity and pockets of hate. But the walk begins to bring clarity as the intensity of the potential loss reminds them of what sparked the love in the first place. And a new purpose to the walk emerges as the homestretch comes up and it's time to head back to that door and come in out of the cold, out of the dark, and into the open, waiting arms of home. Ain't it great when a bunch of random songs I started throwing into a playlist throughout the week can somehow tell me that story? Go listen and see if you don't get it, too.

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