Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rod y Gab Fillmore 2014

I've been into Rodrigo y Gabriela since I first heard them. It was actually my wife who mentioned them to me after hearing them on NPR Music. She was right ( I don't say that often). I was immediately hooked. Was this flamenco? Classical? Jazz? Folk? Fucking metal!!?  I'll tell you what it was, and is, it's just awesome. It's pure music, distilled down to it's essence. We saw them live not long after.

That was about 6 or so years ago, before Shayera was born. So she was born into a world where I always loved Rod y Gab. She's been watching the YouTube videos I find and listening and loving it. There's been times she grabs her Hello Kitty guitar and tries to play like Gabriela, beating the shit out of Hello Kitty's face. Other times, she's said in the car, after listening to them, "I wish all music was Rod y Gab!" So when I saw they were coming to town, I immediately thought this would be the time for her first real concert, and the excitement built up for months until last night.

I wrote a review of the show itself already for Go there and read it and everything else they have. It's good and they let me take up space with my words.

Anyway, Shayera's experience was great. I was afraid she'd be tired and it was a school night, so I picked her up from school and took her home for a long nap. I'm not sure it was enough, though. A little over half way through Rod y Gab, she started fading in out of consciousness, but I'm sure she still heard the music. Before then, though, she was all into it, beating the balcony, imitating Gabriela, which drew attention from the old ladies nearby.

All in all, I'm looking forward to taking her to her next show, but maybe when she's a little older and maybe not a school night. We'll have to see what she's into. Hopefully it's not shitty boy band pop, but it likely will be, since it's about the only way she'll have left to rebel musically.

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