Friday, March 21, 2014

Perfect Songs - The Kills

There are songs that capture explosive anger. The kind of anger that makes you want to just destroy shit. Countless metal and punk songs cover this and cover it well. But sometimes the angriest moments in life are more about running out of fucks to give. It's anger that, in many ways, leads to better things. It's those times that really tend to change your life, when you get so pissed off at a situation or a person or people, that you decide you just don't care anymore. They are clearly beneath you. For those moments, in my mind, there is only one song, and it's fucking perfect.


On more than one occasion, I've felt the need to play this song, usually while driving away. And every time, it's been the perfect antidote. It's just simple and threatening and basically lays the groundwork for how to handle the situation in the future. It's a warning to whoever and whatever that you're done. That when it happens again, you won't even bother getting angry, because that implies a waste of energy that you will instead use elsewhere. You will simply remain calm and act. Fuck the people who piss you off. Fuck the people who judge you. Fuck the people who don't deserve your time. Fuck the fucking people.

But don't fuck this week's playlist, there's some interesting stuff on it.

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